HW-3000 Auto Bumper Thick Film Automatic Feeding Blister Machine

Machine parameters

Model No



Suitable material


Sheet thickness


Max. forming area



Max. forming height


Vacuum Pump Capacity

100 m³/min


carbon fiber medium wave heating tube

Air Pressure


Production Speed


Safety protection equipment

infrared ray

Power Supply


Double Oven


Material Loading


Material unloading


Machine details/advantage introduction:

1. Main uses and characteristics:
1. This machine can absorb all kinds of films (mainly suitable for HIPS, PC, PMMA, ABS, PET, PP, PS, PE and other sheets) into plastic covers of different shapes, such as car interiors, home appliance shells, linings and Equipment shell products, etc.
2. The machine has stable performance, independent temperature control and uniform temperature, which is suitable for processing different originals.
Main parameters
1. Vacuum pump: RIETSCHLE200 cubic meter/hour pumping speed rotary vane type
2. Sheet size (maximum): 3000mm*2000mm
3. Power supply: three-phase 380V, 50HZ
4. Molding height: 0-500mm
5. Air compressor: 37KW/40HP
Operating instructions:
1. Turn on the air source and adjust the air pressure to 6--8kg/cm2.
2. Turn on the power switch, the power indicator lights.
3. Start the vacuum switch, if the vacuum pump motor rotates forward, it can be used normally, otherwise, the vacuum pump can be started by replacing any one of the three-phase power lines.

4. Electric heating switch, adjust the heating regulator one by one to the appropriate temperature, generally the surrounding temperature is high and the middle temperature is at the bottom.

5. Set the switch to manual, and manually check whether each action is normal and adjust to normal.

6. Automatic operation:
Turn all the switches you want to automatic, adjust the heating time, vacuum time, cold wind time, and bottom wind time according to the product requirements, raise the clip frame, swing the film to the working position, and then reset the clip switch to make Hold the film in the clip frame, click the start switch on the display, the electric furnace starts to the working position for heating, after the heating time is over, the electric furnace returns to the empty position, the machine will automatically complete the upper mold according to the previously set working hours , Lower mold, vacuum, blowing cold wind, blowing bottom wind, demoulding, etc. After the whole process is completed, repeat the following actions for production.
7. Block diagram of action program

HW-3000 Auto Bumper Thick Film Automatic Feeding Blister MachineHW-3000 Auto Bumper Thick Film Automatic Feeding Blister MachineHW-3000 Auto Bumper Thick Film Automatic Feeding Blister Machine



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