Thermoforming aluminum mold

Pvc Sprinkler Blister Machine 【Forming steps and features】

The vacuum sucker sucks the material and the motor feeds the material to the forming area → the clamping frame automatically drops and clamps → starts heating (reverse blowing) → vacuum forming → cooling → the clamping frame automatically rises and then the vacuum suction cup moves to forming Take out the finished product
1. Control system: The computerized control system adopts the touch screen operation mode to change and store equipment action parameters. It is simple to operate, quick to change storage parameters, and has high safety performance. If employees perform illegal operations or maintenance during the production process, the equipment will After automatic detection, it will alarm and automatically stop the equipment operation of the molding machine.
2. The sprinkler blister machine is equipped with a mold cold air injection device, which makes full use of the waiting time of the mold plate to heat up, speeds up the mold cooling, and improves product quality.      3.The upper and lower molds of the vacuum blister machine are driven by servo motors, which can solve the problems of product water ripple and wire drawing, making it easier to blister and form difficult products.
4. The whole machine adopts all imported electrical and pneumatic components, which is reliable in quality and durable.
 Thermoforming aluminum moldThermoforming aluminum mold



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