Yiyou Positive and Negative Pressure Plastic Suction Machine Salutes the 70th Birthday of Our Motherland

National Day is a statutory holiday established by a country to commemorate the country itself. They are usually the anniversary of the independence of the country, the signing of the Constitution, the birth of the head of state or other significant commemorative anniversaries; there are also Saints'Day, the patron saint of the country.

Since its establishment, the company has been committed to high precision thermoforming. Products are widely distributed in Soviet, Shanghai, Anhui, Hebei, Taiwan and other places, and exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, Brazil and other countries.

Industry involves catering, food, medical, daily necessities and other plastic thermoforming packaging industry, the company has always adhered to customer-oriented, superb technology as support, down-to-earth as the basis, won the trust of customers, business growth year by year. The company has a large number of top-notch engineers in the industry, and a team of high-efficiency and first-class service business projects. Today, with the acceleration of knowledge updating, the increasing market competition and the rapid growth of business, the company still feels the scarcity of talents and is thirsty for talents. It is eager to join the elite in the industry. If you wish, please leave a message or contact us!

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Post time: Sep-24-2019
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