Thermoformed products – Blister card Plastic packaging, prone to some problems

Hot forming folding machine processing is not flat?

1. hot knife temperature is not enough, heating time is not enough

2. Folding mold (plate) is not flat;

3. push plate unbalanced;

4. hot knife or push plate damage;

5. Some structures require a pressure-setting mechanism, which is missing.

Thermoformed card flanging products

Folding machine folding effect is very poor?

Solution: the temperature to a little low-key heating time to a little higher, then the heater is transferred from the product 0,5 to 1 mm distance. This may not be rotten …

There is also a simple way is to use the candle wax in the heated knife back and forth hot about. And then go to the product so that it will not be rotten. But burn finished remember to wipe the blade or wax oil will stick to the product. There is the temperature can not be too high.

Thermoformed Folding Packaging

Thermoformed plastic edge of the edge of how to improve the edge when trying to put away, or the size of the edge?

Check whether the mold is pressed evenly.

Thermoformed plastic paper card packaging

PET plastic box folding edge Alice how to improve the problem?

There are several problems: the first temperature is low, the second heating time, the third iron plate low, up one to three millimeters, the basic can be resolved.

Post time: Sep-25-2017
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