The company’s long-term training automatic thermoforming machine boot personnel


   In the hot summer, more and more plastic factory masters went on strike. Several bosses who bought our automatic high-speed machine a few years ago asked my company Xia to seek help: the master did not do it, and no one was punching. A large number of orders are waiting for delivery. Many times it is the boss, the boss wife personally went into battle.

   Our company gives the following plan:

    1, take the QS standard, the factory cloth ventilation pipe, the workshop is equipped with air conditioning (the boot master is also very hard right)

     2, take the high-end route, change the automatic machine, save the second punching, reduce labor. A master can look after 2 or even more machines. Just solve the problem with someone behind it.

  A boss said that if we choose to replace the machine, the former master may not have contacted high-end equipment, I still have to find someone. . This question is good! Hongyouxing Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is now offering free training for customers to train and start training. In addition, the majority of start-up masters who want to keep up with the new era can also learn training for free.

The bosses of A, B, and C started to change the machine. Hongyouxing also began planning to help everyone train!

Off-topic – Hongyouxing canteen has a chef, no matter whether the supplier or the customer comes to the factory and is not willing to go to the restaurant to eat, just take a picture with youthermoforming factory.jpg

Post time: Jul-17-2018
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