Shanghai Yiyou – our engineers went to Malaysia to guide the installation of high-speed plastic thermoforming machine

ast week, a Malaysian company purchased an automatic high-speed plastic thermoforming machine and multiple four-post hydraulic cutting machines from our company. We asked our company to send engineers to guide the installation.

Automatic high-speed thermoforming machine.jpg

Upon receipt of the client's request, our company immediately arranged a highly experienced engineer to travel to Malaysia.

Automatic thermoforming machine.jpg

Engineers and staff in-depth exchanges and cooperation, the smooth installation and commissioning of these devices, the successful trial production.

The automatic high-speed molding machine equipment is custom made by the customer, with high precision, microcomputer operation, energy saving and unique double-sided heating function.

Automatic plastic thermoforming machine.jpg

Made in China – Thermoforming Equipment Shanghai Yiyou Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., advanced technology, high quality, professional services, I wish you a more successful business!

Post time: Dec-11-2017
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