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Blister pack, food tray

Moon cake tray materials are usually: PVC, PP, BOPS three.

PVC: is a vinyl polymer, is a non-crystalline material, the stability of light, heat is poor.
BOPS: two-way stretch polystyrene abbreviation, attributed to the new polymer environmental information, hardness is strong, but relatively brittle
PP: Polypropylene, is recognized as a safe raw material for the production of food containers, free of carcinogens, temperature 110 ℃; has a heat resistance, drop characteristics.
It is difficult to see the transparency of a single moon cake tray, and when more mooncakes are stacked. We can clearly see, PVC material moon cake material permeability of ordinary, slightly yellowish color; BOPS raw material moon cake material permeability is good, the color is normal; PP raw materials, moon cake tray is not completely transparent, color partial milk white.
How to distinguish it? We can go through a simple incineration test. After the test to know, PVC raw materials are flame retardant, BOPS raw materials burned with black smoke, PP raw materials can be burned and no smoke smoke.
Hand pressure, can be significantly seen, PVC raw materials, moon cake tray pressure after a simple deformation; BOPS raw materials, moon cake after a little deformation after compression; PP raw materials, moon cake tray after the basic pressure can still maintain the prototype.
to sum up:
After a round of tests, we can see that there is a significant difference between the moon cake and the raw material.
PVC material of the moon cake tray, the weight is light, permeability is common, the defect is not pressure, moon cake in the transport may be simple deformation, fragmentation and other issues.
BOPS raw materials, moon cake tray, medium weight, high permeability, environmentally friendly materials, compression performance in general, attributed to the middle grade.
PP material of the moon cake tray, weight heavier, permeability in general.

Post time: Aug-10-2017
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