Yiyou thermoforming – Israel customers purchase high frequency machine

As we all know, Israel is a technology developed country, the Israelis live and work more rigorous!

An Israeli customer to communicate with us to understand, ordered a number of thermoforming equipment, including high-frequency machines and other auxiliary equipment.High-frequency heat sealing machine power of 15kw, a variety of plastic products for packaging and sealing, for plastic soft materials.

Yesterday, the customer and my company to communicate, because his company orders and more urgent, so that my company to help him on behalf of the processing of plastic products. Through the company to consider, agree and immediately arrange the relevant production work.

The following video is the staff in the factory using high frequency machine for customers processing plastic products. Customers can trust us is our great honor, we will be 100% of the heart to treat customers, help customers successful career.

Post time: Jul-19-2017
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