Valentine’s day thermoforming machine discount

We are young enterprises, and are also in the forefront of the industry. Has independent research and development ability, < cam structure >. The industry's leading positive and negative pressure thermoforming technology, feeding, forming, cutting, stacking integration, the realization of real unmanned. We are striving for the rise of China.

      Hot summer days, autumn tiger plunder!  yiyou thermoforming machine (shanghai) Co., Ltd. In order to win the Golden Harvest ten days, we will deliver the machine and work overtime. Prepare machines, improve and innovate.

       There is a tan glass with white full paint. Just like the new Chinese style furniture, low-key luxury has the connotation, with the new process without breaking point. The high-end machine in the real blister machine!

     At the beginning of September, a bumper harvest is coming. Just the seventh day of the seventh day, Hashi Aimegumi, wait for a gentleman!

    Tanabata bought a lot of surprises! Discounts, flowers, old trees, you can't imagine that I can't do it!

   August came at last in the summons of midsummer, a little gloomy, as if sunk in the bottom of the water with wet moisture, and as if sunk in the mountains, the birds still can not fly away from all the depression. All the days were like twigs and twigs, taking one branch away and the other, and the days passed by in the tireless flight of the birds.

Contribute to the rise of China's thermoforming industry.

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Post time: Aug-13-2018
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