Vacuum Blister – Blister quality how to judge good or bad?

Thermoforming machine Blister quality is good or bad how to detect?

Thermoforming glue - Thermoforming machine

   1, the cohesive force test: the shape of the slot after the plastic does not rebound, not shrink edge, such as peeling test to do when the PVC to sticky wood chips, the middle of the plastic in the use of plastic soon after or at high temperatures will be off of. Test method is: after the plastic molding to do stripping test, to see how much force to peel, and see the peel after the PVC skin is sticky with a lot of wood chips (more that PVC and wood completely bonded, Poor quality, poor adhesion).

   2, the temperature of the test: that is, high temperature, low temperature performance, and tidal nature, because the climate is different, such as poor temperature of the vacuum plastic plastic in the export or summer high temperature is particularly easy to edge and groove Bit bounce. The minimum temperature of 75 ℃ qualified, because the temperature inside the container 65-70 ℃. The most simple temperature test is the plastic 24 hours after the direct sun, such as straight sun for more than half an hour without edge, no rebound is good temperature plastic plastic, in the loading or high temperature will not be off Side, slot rebound phenomenon.

3, the particles of uniform detection: a good vacuum plastic plastic spray on the surface after the little or no pitting, poor products made like a sand pile, people look uncomfortable, while seriously affecting the enterprise Image.
Carefully detect the above three aspects of the situation, the basic can determine the quality of the quality of vacuum plastic.

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