Three Methods of Thermoforming Mold Repair

Repair of thermoforming molds

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Mold in the thermoforming industry has a very important role, its quality directly determines the quality of the product. Improve the mold life and accuracy, shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, many enterprises need to solve the technical problems, but in the mold use process often appear collapse angle, deformation, wear, and even broken and other forms of failure.

Repair mold should be careful, not very sure can not act rashly. The reason is that once the change in mold conditions, it can no longer make a large transformation and restitution. Therefore, the repair of the mold is also necessary. Many ways to repair the mold, such as EDM, TIG repair, laser surfacing technology, brush plating method.

TIG welding repair

The arc is used as a heat source between the continuously fed wire and the workpiece to burn the gas from the torch nozzle. At present, argon arc welding is a commonly used method, can be applied to most of the major metals, including carbon steel, alloy steel. Solderable inert gas shielded welding for stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium, zirconium and nickel alloys, due to low prices, are widely used in mold repair welding, but the welding heat affected area, solder joints and other shortcomings, Precision mold repair has been gradually replaced by laser welding instead.

Brush plating repair

Brush plating technology is the use of a dedicated DC power supply equipment, the power of the positive pole connected to the pen, as the brush when the anode; the negative power of the workpiece, as the brush when the cathode, the pen is usually made of high purity graphite Anode material, graphite block wrapped around the cotton and wear-resistant polyester and cotton sets.

When working, the power supply components are adjusted to the appropriate voltage and the plating solution is filled with a certain relative velocity at the site where the surface of the workpiece is being contacted. The metal ions in the bath diffuse to the workpiece under the action of the electric field On the surface, electrons are reduced to metal atoms on the surface, so that these metal atoms are deposited and crystallized to form a coating, that is, a uniform deposited layer is obtained on the working surface of the plastic mold cavity.

Laser surfacing repair

Laser welding is the use of high-power coherent monochromatic photon focusing made of laser beam as a heat source for welding. This welding method usually has continuous power laser welding and pulsed power laser welding. The advantage of laser welding is that it does not need to be carried out in vacuum. The disadvantage is that penetration is not as strong as electron beam welding. Laser welding can be accurate when the energy control, which can achieve the welding of precision devices. It can be applied to a lot of metal, in particular, can solve some difficult to weld metal and dissimilar metal welding. Currently widely used for mold repair.

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