Thick sheet thermoforming products – HDPE roof suitcase, where to go with where!

Thick Sheet Thermoformed Products - Car Suitcase

Roof box is also called the roof baggage (travel) box, the English name Cargo-box / Roof-box, for the expansion of storage space, the roof box is often installed in the car roof, used to carry more equipment, Widely used in various brands suv car.

Car roof box has the advantage: simple (simple and simple, easy to carry), practical (enough volume, strong anti-theft), beautiful (beautiful installation).

Car suitcase - hift thick sheet thermoformed products

Developers in Europe and the United States, the roof box has been very popular. China’s market demand for roof boxes and roof products has just started, many people do not even know the use of roof boxes, but with the economic development and market penetration, more and more by home and traveling enthusiasts favor.

The vast majority of the roof box is a plastic material, from the thick sheet of hot forming machine abs, hdpe and other materials from thick forming process.

Application of Thick Sheet Thermoforming Roof

Post time: Aug-21-2017
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