The difference between negative pressure blister machine and positive and negative pressure blister machine

Recently, many customers have asked the difference between a positive press and a negative press:

1, different molding methods

Positive and negative pressure blister machine, in general terms, is not only a negative pressure (pressure of the vacuum pump), but also a positive pressure on it. When the machine is running, the lower pressure is applied below, not only the vacuum underneath, but also the positive pressure on the top, so it becomes positive and negative pressure. Generally positive pressure is mainly negative

Negative pressure blister machine, just vacuuming below, there is no pressure on it, so it is called negative pressure machine.

2, the workpiece finished product effect is different

The positive and negative pressure blister machine will have a strong three-dimensional effect on the workpiece's water chest angle, concave and convex surface, groove surface and corner.

The negative pressure blister machine, because it is only a negative pressure function, does not add any pressure on it, and can only be pulled down by the air flow, so the three-dimensional feeling of the corners, grooves and the like of the workpiece after the processing is not strong.

3, the degree of release is different

The positive and negative pressure blister machine is transmitted to each part of the workpiece through the positive pressure heating air flow. The air flow takes the temperature when it is pressurized, and the transmission is relatively in place, so that the workpiece is not easily released.

Negative pressure blister machine, because the temperature can only be transmitted on the surface of the workpiece, the temperature of the side and the groove is not comprehensive enough compared with the positive and negative pressure, so the relative adhesion will be poor, the product is 2-3 years Easy to fall off

Post time: Oct-16-2019
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