Pvc water spray film automatic plastic forming machine

The water spray sheet is mainly used in the cooling tower to purify and filter to reduce the water temperature. The main models of the cooling tower are a little bit of packing, s wave packing, squirrel cooling tower packing, Marley cooling tower packing, sputum cooling tower packing, good machine cooling tower packing, etc. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone. (1) Drip cooling tower packing

The hot water passes through the laths laid in layers, and water droplets of different sizes are formed in contact with the air for heat and moisture exchange. Drip-type cooling tower packings are usually arranged at a certain pitch by strips of rectangular or triangular shape that are horizontal or inclined on the façade. The wind speed has a relatively large effect on the cooling effect of the drip cooling tower packing, and the wind speed is too large or too small to cool the effect. If the wind speed is too small, the water droplets and airflow will not be mixed enough, and the evaporation heat will be reduced. The cooling pvc淋水片吸塑机 (3).jpgeffect will be reduced. The wind speed will cause the water droplets in the tower to collide and form a large droplet, thus reducing the water droplet activity and total surface area, and the wind loss will also be lost. Big.

(2) Film cooling tower packing

The basic unit is a membrane plate, and the membrane sheets are arranged at a certain interval to form the entire filler. The hot water to be cooled forms a very thin water film on the diaphragm to slowly flow downward, so the contact time of the water film with the air and the surface area of the contact increase. The heat dissipation of this filler is mainly carried out through the water film, accounting for 70% of the total heat dissipation. The diaphragm is arranged in three forms of ramp wave, trapezoidal ramp and fold.

(3) Drip film cooling tower packing

The dot-film cooling tower packing has the characteristics of drip type and film type packing, which can improve the uniformity of the airflow and improve the contact area between the hot water and the airflow, and the cooling effect is better. Therefore, it is often used when the cooling effect is relatively high or the amount of cooling water is relatively large.

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