PE Cup + PP Cover: Innovative combination of thermoforming and injection molding

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With the growing demand for packaging, especially intelligent, personalized and high-end packaging in the terminal industries such as food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and healthcare products, plastic packaging products companies have followed the trend to design and develop high-quality products, To create a cross-platform communication platform to enhance brand competitiveness.

Today we introduce a salad box: an innovative combination of thermoforming and injection molding.

Shown here is a new, unique plastic cup produced by the European plastics packaging giant British RPC Group, which was developed for the high-end salad series from the Norwegian retail label Orkla. It consists of a polyethylene (PE) thermoformed cup and polypropylene (PP) injection molded cover and the lid has an audible click into the groove on the cup so that the user knows that the cup has closed properly. As a result of the technical challenges of matching two different resins (PE and PP) and two different manufacturing technologies (thermoforming and injection molding), RPC won the award for "World of the Year at Interpack2017, the World's Largest Processing and Packaging Exhibition May, StarStar Award "(WorldStar Award).

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Thermoformed PE Cup + PP cover

Post time: Nov-03-2017
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