Overseas story – blister equipment debugging engineer went to Côte d’Ivoire, the local beauty fancy home!

Not long ago, Cote d’Ivoire customers asked to help debug the newly purchased plastic machinery from our company. Division I fully consider the customer situation, the deployment of several senior thermoforming equipment engineers flew to Côte d’Ivoire to solve customer problems.

Thermoforming Mechanical Engineers

This is mainly on the automatic computer-based plastic machine and precision hydraulic cutting machine to test the adjustment, so that the machine can produce qualified customer demand for plastic products. The whole process is very smooth, the engineers also for the customer company blister machine operators for technical training guidance. Our company’s machinery and services by the customer company all praise praise!

Thermoforming hydraulic cutting machine

It is worth mentioning that the Division I engineers rich professional knowledge and a serious and friendly attitude of the local girl’s heart. Do not let go back!Thermoforming equipment commissioner with African girl

Post time: Sep-14-2017
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