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Blister packaging use and characteristics

In daily life, blister packaging is widely used in a variety of daily merchandise, businesses in order to attract customers, will use a variety of beautiful plastic box packaging products, such as fruit transparent plastic box, food PP plastic box, meat Class plastic tray, cooked food plastic tray, plastic box, plastic plastic tray, fresh plastic tray, cake bread, such as plastic boxes. So, what is the benefit of blister packaging? The use of blister packaging and what is worth noting that today, Shanghai Yiyou electromechanical to take you to first understand the characteristics of a variety of plastic packaging materials.

Food packaging - Blister packaging use and characteristics

First of all, the biggest feature of plastic packaging materials is light weight, good toughness, for the need for long-distance transport of goods, can play to reduce the transport weight, easy to transport and so on, which is other packaging materials can not be compared.

Second, the plastic packaging material has a very good barrier and permeability, in the plastic packaging, there are gas barrier packaging, moisture-proof packaging, waterproof packaging, there are a variety of fresh food for food packaging, these are plastic packaging To ensure the respiration of fresh ingredients and extend the packaging.

Once again, the optical properties of the blister pack are excellent, because the blister packaging material can be transparent, so when it is made into a packaging container, the inside of the items can be seen clearly, this indirect way to attract the eye effect is very good The Here is particularly to mention that the plastic packaging materials, environmental health, compared to those pure polymer resin, blister packaging can be said that no toxicity, so if we want to pack food, you can safely use the formal way of plastic packaging materials The

But blister packaging materials also have some shortcomings, it is worth understanding and attention. For individual resin monomers, especially monomer polyethylene, when they are used in plastic packaging materials, if the content is too high, that is, to reach a certain concentration, it is easy to be absorbed within the food packaging, and thus The human body produces a certain harm, this part of the plastic packaging material is not suitable for food packaging. In addition, the plastic packaging materials in the strength, hardness, etc. as other hard materials, as well as poor heat resistance, easy aging materials and other shortcomings.

Therefore, the different use of plastic packaging and the use of materials are very particular about the need to carefully choose their own situation!

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