Formulation Measures for Production of Thermoforming Workshop

Automatic thermoforming machine workshop

First – the purpose of assessment: In order to beautify the working environment, reduce waste of resources, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, improve staff's economic income and production enthusiasm, promote product quality, promote the overall quality of staff and work ability, specially formulated this approach.


Second - the assessment of the object: the whole operation of the thermoforming workshop staff.


Third - the assessment content: product quality pass rate (weight 70%), site management (weight 30%) two parts.


Fourth - the assessment management team members: employees A, employees B, employees C, employees D, employees E, employees F.


Fifth - the production line named: 1. Plastic thermoforming machine according to the existing unit marked number; 2. Punch sub-back, ammonia and drilling three categories.


6, capacity and unit price set:

1. Thermoforming unit price list


Class standard

Original price

Current price


Base setting

001 embossed pieces

6800 sheets

0.03 yuan / Zhang

0.017 yuan / Zhang

7000 more than 0.015 yuan / Zhang

In addition to the No. 5 machine as a bonus and other billing, other units per unit by 120 yuan. 120 yuan × 5 sets ÷ 4 people / class = 150 yuan / person (class).


5800 sheets

0.03 yuan / Zhang

0.02 yuan / Zhang

6000 more than 0.018 yuan / Zhang


6300 sheets

0.03 yuan / Zhang

0.018 yuan / Zhang

6500 or more 0.016 yuan / Zhang


2000 sheets

0.09 yuan / Zhang

0.10 yuan / Zhang

1200 more than 0.09 yuan / Zhang

No. 5 machine

2600 sheets

0.03 yuan / Zhang

0.02 yuan / Zhang

2800 or more 0.018 yuan / Zhang


1100 sheets


0.11 yuan

More than 1200 sheets 0.09


2. Punch unit price list


Class standard

Original price

Current price


Powder price

Base setting


Small 1100 sheets

Big 900 sheets

0.08 yuan / Zhang

Small 0.09 yuan / Zhang

Large 0.11 yuan / Zhang

Over the part plus 0.01 yuan / Zhang

20 yuan / class

Each class by 100 yuan / person calculation.


9000 sheets

0.009 yuan / Zhang

0. 011 yuan / Zhang

0.001 yuan / Zhang


1800 sheets

0.009 yuan / Zhang

0.0055 yuan / Zhang

0.0005 yuan / Zhang


Seven - the distribution of wages of workers:

1. Vacuum forming machine – in principle, each unit to arrange an operator, 1-4 units of the 10 minutes (Unit 5 does not score, by the squad leader as a bonus distribution), the operator according to personal practical skills by the class monitor and Workshop director to determine the salary base points, the highest mechanic 9.6 points, the new staff minimum 7 points (trial period by 80 yuan / day calculation, the rest of the class shift), other grades according to the actual assessment to determine. Calculate the way: such as a class ABCD four employees, A is the monitor length of 10 points, B staff 7.5 points, C staff (probationary period), D staff 8.5 points, the class a total of 33 points, assuming a class The salary of 600 yuan, the squad leader A wages of 600 ÷ 33 × 16-80 = 210.9 yuan, the staff of the wages of 600 ÷ 33 × 7.5 = 136.4 yuan, the wages of employees C for the fixed 80 yuan, the wages of employees D 600 ÷ 33 × 8.5 = 154.5 yuan.

2. Punch punching process in principle, follow-up operations, each class must complete the task of finishing, and complete the class material crushing operations.


Eight - assessment points set:

(70): According to the standards of the enterprise, the product looks clean, no oil, clear edges and corners, no cracks, burrs, holes; size (including: size, location distribution size) to be accurate. All units pass rate of 92% as a benchmark, to get out of the points, less than every percentage point -2 points, the lowest 70 points to complete the end.

(2) site management (30 points): According to company rules and regulations and 6S requirements:

⒈ no leave, not late to leave, do the +1 points;

⒉ do not wear slippers at work, no casual clothes, according to the requirements of the use of protective equipment, (female employees do not long hair, do not wear high heels) to do the +1 points;

⒊ working time is strictly prohibited from the post, into the workshop forbidden with any items, do the +1 points;

⒋ without consent, is strictly prohibited to take others into the production workshop, do the +1 points;

⒌ working hours do not play mobile phones and other things have nothing to do, do the +3 points;

⒍ before get off work to do a good job in the workshop workplace, walls, doors and windows and health areas of health, clean up the dust of the equipment and equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, do a +6 points, can not do each minus 2 points;

⒎ garbage will be dealt with in a timely manner, the waste will be sent in a timely manner, so +2 points;

(Including: equipment maintenance records, temperature control records, speed record, production records, team members list and shift records), do a good job +5 points, can not do each minus 1 points ;

⒐ production area does not smoke, do not unauthorized use of fire electricity, do not take safe channel, do +10 points, can not do each minus 5 points.


Nine - assessment methods:

1. The use of extra points in the form of evaluation, out of 100 points.

2. a. Extraction of the object of this month, 10% of the wages as the assessment of the assessment of wages this month. If the assessment of the assessment score of 70 points, that is, as full, full payment of assessment wages. If the assessment of the assessment of the score failed to reach 70 points, according to the corresponding score deducted assessment of wages. b. The company also grants outstanding staff to reward, the highest prize is the assessment of this month, 50% of the assessment of wages. If the assessment of the assessment score of more than 70 points, the excess part of the score to enjoy the corresponding reward.

3. Each team must do the relevant records, the team leader after get off work from the workshop director, workshop director of the team on-site management to score and signed after the report to the production department. Production monthly summary once a month, combined with employee self-evaluation monthly assessment assessment, submitted to the examination leading group review.

4. Assessment of wages and assessment bonuses will be paid together with the wages.

10, attached to the rules: the details of the trial since November 3, 2017, the final interpretation of the company's assessment management team.


 November 2, 2017

Post time: Nov-02-2017
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