Entering September, YiYou is doing a good job in the negative pressure machine, and it has achieved fruitful results and created more value for more customers!

We are a young company and a company that is at the forefront of the industry. Have independent research and development capabilities, <cam structure>. The industry's leading positive and negative pressure thermoforming technology, the integration of loading, forming, cutting and stacking, achieves true unmanned. We are working hard for the rise of Chinese thermoforming.

     2018-8-28 Auspicious good days. This situation can not help but match a poem!

The clouds are swept away, and the sun shines.

Wanli does not hinder the day, and the birds are happy.

The grass trees have been shaken, and the mountains and rivers are still cloudy. Pepsi on the best day, Jiari only Qingyang

Adhering to the instructions of President Xi Jinping's Belt and Road, we shipped more than 8.30 in the morning. Taiwan's precision four-column hydraulic cutting machine, a batch of plastic molds to the fascinating African countries (customers are already the third repurchase)!

After loading the goods of the African brothers, the four-seat big guy came on the scene, and the professional lifting equipment was transferred from the well-known loading and unloading company to ensure the safety of the machine and the smooth loading.


Do you think this is over, NO NO NO. The three stations are going to marry. The draped red color symbolizes auspiciousness, peace, and business is booming.

This batch of machines was sent away, followed by orders from other customers, positive and negative pressure blister machines, plastic slab forming machines, cup machines, etc. Welcome to the factory to guide!

Post time: Aug-28-2018
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