Dry goods | Plastic thermoforming industry and the relationship between upstream and downstream industries

Plastic thermoforming packaging is widely used in all walks of life. On the one hand, China’s huge national economy to promote the overall demand to maintain a high level; the other hand, along with China’s economy into a new stage of development, plastic packaging from basic packaging to meet the basic use of packaging, and gradually to meet The development of a variety of specific needs, application areas and specific application environment continue to evolve towards higher value-added.

For example: With China’s meat processing and distribution of the degree of modernization of the continuous improvement of consumer meat quality requirements are getting higher and higher, plastic packaging not only to be able to block moisture, air, but also have to enhance the appearance of the product, easy to seal and open , Can be used for microwave ovens and other characteristics. In the future, with the further upgrading of the overall consumption structure of our residents, the demand for high value-added plastic packaging products in the food industry will further increase.

Thermoforming plastics industry and other industries

The relationship between the plastics industry and the upstream and downstream industries

The upstream industry of plastic packaging is mainly petrochemical industry, the main raw materials for the resin, ink, the downstream industry, including all kinds of consumer goods and retail goods, plastic packaging industry in the middle of the industrial chain, as shown below:

Thermoforming industry and the relationship between upstream and downstream industries

1, the upstream industry on the impact of the industry

Plastic packaging industry, the main raw materials for all types of resins and inks, generally from the petrochemical industry, the price of related products fluctuations, advanced technology will have some impact on the industry.

On the whole, the resin is a commodity, easy to obtain a stable supply, but its price is more significant by the impact of oil prices, resin prices on the plastic packaging products, the cost and price also have a certain impact. Domestic and foreign petrochemical enterprises in recent years for plastic packaging enterprises to enhance product quality and performance needs, introduced a variety of new resins, additives, is conducive to the development of plastic packaging industry.

2, the impact of the downstream industry on the industry

Downstream industry on the development of plastic packaging industry has a greater traction and driving role, its demand changes directly determine the future development of the industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, the continuous improvement of living standards, people on the product quality, the use of attributes, brand attributes, emotional attributes continue to improve, so as to promote food, medicine, electronics, cosmetic manufacturers, retail Business has a higher demand for functional, environmentally friendly plastic packaging.

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