China Tanabata Festival surprise – instant noodles for packaging, automatic positive and negative pressure plastic machine one machine to help!

Chinese begging Qiaojie, begging for clever arts and wisdom, but also pray for loyalty, happy love. In this festival we have any hard work, heaven like a blessing, Shanghai Yue Friends of the successful completion of plastic machine orders and delivery.

Fully automatic positive and negative pressure cutting one hot forming machine

The machine is a fully automatic positive and negative pressure four-position thermoforming machine, and the crane is used to produce the workshop. Such a big guy is not easy to transport!

Positive and negative pressure thermoforming machine shipment starting

Shipped on a heavy goods vehicle, shipped to the customer business location.

It is reported that the customer due to instant noodles product upgrades, need to replace the packaging, for my strength and our trust, direct ordering a positive and negative one machine for a new packaging manufacturing.

Blister Thermoforming Mold

And the customer is very successful cooperation for the customer to provide customized one-stop service of the mold so that customers greatly appreciated!

We promise, one year free, lifetime warranty, support custom and provide one-stop service! If you have a demand, come and contact us!

Post time: Aug-31-2017
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