Amy Visits Member Unit – Application of Fanaco in Thermoforming Machine

In early April, the Shanghai Internet Chamber of Commerce organized a Facebook share, which was well received. At the request of most members, we visited and studied Song Orange CNC from 4/12 to Shanghai.

Shanghai Song Orange CNC is the star unit of the Chamber of Commerce. The boss is after 90 years old and experienced. Especially the proprietress Peng Xiaoyan, the hot mother of two children, manages the foreign trade business team independently. Performance doubled every year. It's admirable.

Enterprise PPT

Enterprise introduction PPT, norms, atmosphere, especially for large customers, we can all use it. Miss Peng summed up three points: 1. She used a concise sentence to cover all the selling points of the company. 2. The importance of customer photographs. 3. The company's staff photo, expand photos.

VIP Customer Reception

Several e-mails also inspired us a lot when the big client of Mr. Guo who shared the deal was concluded. (E-mail involves privacy, need to know the details of the members can ask Mr. Peng privately). Especially the customized company signature pen, so that Xiaobian can not help but steal two more! ________ Several family members asked for customization on the spot, of course, I can't help but make up a small part of it.

Enterprise Website and Promotion

3. Teacher Peng shares the latest ranking weight of Alibaba, focusing on the skills in product development. It can also guide us to understand the operation and investment of Alibaba. In addition, we also express our opinions on the company website construction, how to write the text, the ranking rules of SEO, and so on.

Post time: Apr-18-2019
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