Adjustable packaging and food preservation pk

Shanghai Yue Friends of the plastic equipment: food preservation methods are many, the atmosphere is one of the advanced method of packaging, the so-called atmosphere, that is, set the food in a certain proportion of the ideal mixture of gas, to extend the life of biochemical deterioration. At present, Europe and the United States market supermarkets of fresh fruits and vegetables, clean vegetables, cutting vegetables, food products in the cold chain circulation conditions, has been all over the shelf, in the Western countries, high economy, fast-paced, strict requirements, It is not only a new subject of food engineering, but also the inevitable law of historical development.

Composite atmosphere of fresh packaging, the international collectively referred to as map packaging, the use of air-conditioned fresh gas generally by the carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and a small amount of special gas composition. Carbon dioxide can inhibit the growth and reproduction of most of the aerobic and corrupt bacteria and bacteria; oxygen to suppress most of the anaerobic corrupt bacteria growth and reproduction; to maintain fresh meat color, to maintain fresh fruit and vegetable oxygen-rich breathing and freshness; nitrogen for filling gas. Composite gas composition ratio According to the type of food, storage requirements and packaging materials to achieve the appropriate choice to achieve high quality packaging food, nutrient content to maintain good, can really achieve the original traits, delay the effect of fresh shelf life.

The so-called food preservation, is to keep the original flavor of fresh food. For cooked food, it is necessary to keep cooked food in the production of the freshness of the day. Traditional packaging and storage can only solve the problem of food quality, and can not keep the food fresh. Because the shelf life of the problem, so that many of the real characteristics of food can not do the house, the sales can not overnight, the market radius is very small, thus losing a huge consumer group.

The new compound air-conditioning fresh packaging to a large extent to solve the problem of food preservation, cooked food can be extended from 1 day to more than 7 days, greatly expanding the manufacturer’s market radius, but also to consumers at the door Taste thousands of miles away from the characteristics of food, in the freshness and safety period for consumers to make a better balance.

Effect: cream-free cake at room temperature preservation 20-30 days, moon cake, pudding cake with high barrier composite film at room temperature under the shelf life of up to 60-90 days. Soybean products and livestock and poultry meat products filled with carbon dioxide and nitrogen can effectively inhibit coliform proliferation. At room temperature 20 ℃ -25 ℃ for 5-12 days, 85 ℃ -90 ℃ conditioning sterilization at room temperature for about 30 days, at 0 ℃ -4 ℃ cold storage temperature 60-90 days.

Post time: Sep-16-2017
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