3D plastic wall stickers? What is the advantage!

Recently, many customers through Baidu and other search engines and Alibaba and other equipment to find our company, consult 3D wall stickers thermoforming machine, asked 3D stereo wall stickers related issues. 3D wall stickers plastic machine to produce 3D stereo wall stickers, the material is PE foam material.

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What is the benefit of using PE foaming materials?

1, environmental protection: PE material chemical stability, will not distribute formaldehyde and other harmful gases, no toxic to the human body, no pollution to the atmosphere.

2, stability: PE material chemical stability, heat does not break down, with anti-corrosion, low temperature resistance, oil, acid and other characteristics.

3, insulation: PE material inside the closed-cell structure, can effectively reduce the air convection caused by energy exchange.

4, moisture resistance: PE material does not absorb water, with moisture resistance.

5, the buffer: PE material for the semi-rigid foam, after the impact of strong impact without loss of original performance, with a buffer, slow characteristics.

3D wall stickers use method

According to the nature of PE materials, which can be learned, our 3D stereo wall stickers have the following advantages:

1, healthy non-toxic, the baby’s soft skin will not cause side effects.

2, noise and noise control, the internal structure of the material for the closed-cell structure, with noise reduction function.

3, waterproof moisture, the material does not absorb water, even if the wall stickers on the surface of local damage, does not affect the overall role of moisture and moisture.

4, anti-fouling decontamination, the surface of a protective layer of material, a wipe that is clean, clean as new.

5, safe collision, the material is semi-rigid foam, with a buffer, slow characteristics, can effectively prevent the baby slipped fall.

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Post time: Aug-17-2017
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