Knowledge of environmentally friendly degradable plastic products

In recent years, countries around the world have formulated relevant laws and regulations to prohibit and restrict the use of disposable products that are difficult to recycle and pollute, while supporting the application of biodegradable materials. Our country vigorously promotes the concept of environmental protection and uses new energy as much as possible. This is especially true for the plastic blister industry. With the introduction of the plastic pollution prevention and control policy and the National Standards Committee on the labeling standards and general inspection methods for degradable plastics, the labeling of degradable plastics It should be gradually standardized and popularized.

      First of all, degradable plastics refer to a class of plastics whose products have various properties that can meet the requirements of use, remain unchanged during the storage period, and can be degraded into environmentally sound substances under natural environmental conditions after use. Therefore, it is also called environmentally degradable plastic. Polymer degradation refers to the process of scission of polymerized macromolecular chains caused by chemical and physical factors. The degradation process in which polymers are exposed to oxygen, water, radiation, chemicals, pollutants, mechanical forces, insects and other animals and microorganisms and other environmental conditions is called environmental degradation. There are many new types of plastics: photodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics, light, oxidized\biodegradable plastics, carbon dioxide-based biodegradable plastics, and thermoplastic starch resin degradable plastics.

      Shanghai Yiyou uses new technology to provide customers with degradable plastic particles, which can be widely used in blister products such as disposable lunch boxes, disposable cups and lids.

Knowledge of environmentally friendly degradable plastic products


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