Comparison of thick blister and thin blister

Shanghai Yiyou is a blister packaging company that integrates the development, design, processing, production, sales and high-quality services of blister products. It has rich blister experience and actual cases, but some customers are not clear about thick and thin films. What is the difference between plastics? So today I write this article for everyone to introduce in detail the difference between them.

From the material point of view: thick sheet blister generally uses ABS, HIPS, etc.; sheet blister commonly used materials are PVC, PET, PP, PS, PETG, etc.

From the point of view: thick blister is often used in machine shells, display stands, advertisements, bases, image cards, sports equipment shells, beauty equipment shells, medical equipment shells, golf cart shells, toy car shells, turnover trays, and game consoles Plastic products such as outer shell, refrigerator liner, light box, etc.; thin plastic products are generally used in electronic products, cosmetics, food, health products, toys, daily necessities, etc.

From the process point of view: thick sheet blister is more complicated than thin sheet blister. On the basis of the process, thick sheet blister has several more processing steps such as milling, engraving, and polishing than thin sheet blister, so thick film suck Plastic is a bit more expensive than sheet blister.
Comparison of thick blister and thin blisterComparison of thick blister and thin blister


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