Process introduction of high frequency machine and high frequency equipment

High frequency machine is also called high frequency, full name high frequency plastic welding machine (also known as high frequency plastic welding machine), is the first choice of PVC, PET, PETG, PE plastic heat sealing equipment, it is the use of high frequency tube oscillation to make the plastic molecules oscillate and resonate Rearranging plastic molecules to generate heat energy causes the plastic to re-melt under pressure. Mainly used for: plastic welding, blister packaging, including upper and lower double blister heat sealing and trimming, blister and cardboard heat sealing and trimming, etc.

   The working principle of the high-frequency machine: high-frequency, high-frequency welding equipment, which belongs to high-frequency dielectric heating equipment. The positive and negative electrodes of the high-frequency oscillation circuit are used to generate heat, so that the plastic material is fused. High frequency machine (ie high frequency plastic welding machine) is mainly used for plastic welding, welding and hot stamping of various polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Blister PVC, PET, PETG packaging (including upper and lower double blister heat sealing and trimming, blister and cardboard heat sealing and trimming), automotive interior parts, trademarks, stationery boxes, raincoats, blowing toys, plastic covers, cooling liquid pads, Footwear products, seat cushions, various packaging bags, portable soft bags, etc. heat sealing processing, various concave and convex shapes of patterns, letters and text suppression. It can also carry out bronzing processing with a simple device.

Features of high-frequency machine: 1. The output power is strong. The weekly rate generated by the local oscillator is 27.12MHZ or 40.68MHZ, which conforms to the international industrial section standards. Various control devices have special electronic circuits, which can avoid improper operation and can be welded in the fastest time. Products and increase product output.
2. High-sensitivity spark prevention device When the spark is generated, it can automatically cut off the high-cycle circuit to reduce the damage of the machine parts and objects, and automatically cut off the high-voltage to ensure the oscillation tube and rectifier.
3. Over-current protection, when the high-frequency current is too high or exceeds the current value set by the product mold, the protection equipment protects the product. The working principle is dielectric material. Under the action of high-frequency electric field, the molecules are rearranged and arranged in the direction of the electric field. Due to the high-frequency electric field, the direction is changed at a very fast speed, then the dielectric material will heat due to dielectric loss.

  PVC plastic film and hard film are different from other plastics, they cannot be cut and bonded at high temperature, and they need to be welded by high-frequency current. Some plastic products we see in daily life, such as: transparent cosmetic bags, soft plastic canopies, transparent double-bubble shell packaging, car sun visors, etc., need to be processed with high-frequency machines.

Process introduction of high frequency machine and high frequency equipment


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