Effect of high-frequency machine radiation on human/personal safety

Regarding whether the high-frequency heat sealing machine has an impact on human/personal safety, this topic has always been a concern of customers using high-frequency heat sealing machines. According to our more than ten years of experience in high frequency and feedback from old customers, we have never found that high-frequency machines cause special harm to the human body, or have an important impact on personal safety. Then, let's analyze the problems in this respect carefully whether "high-frequency heat sealing machine has any effect on human/personal safety".

1. First of all, working in the working environment of a high-frequency heat sealing machine, our body is in the high-frequency electromagnetic field range of a specific intensity that occurs in the high-frequency machine, just like when we use a mobile phone, the mobile phone generates electromagnetic waves. The human body will absorb a certain amount of high-frequency high-frequency radiation energy. Of course, the energy content of the received high-frequency radiation must be within a certain safety factor; beyond that, the human body will have some uncomfortable feelings, such as body fatigue, dizziness, etc.; the high-frequency radiation energy is within a certain safety factor, Our human body is in a completely safe state. There is no need to worry about whether the high-frequency heat sealing machine will cause any safety hazards to the human body when it is working.

2. Some suggestions for using high-frequency heat sealing machine with customers and friends:

A. In China's domestic high-frequency market, there is no agreed trade union support and leadership, and some high-frequency manufacturers, because the high-frequency technology is not mature enough, under certain economic conditions, including the company's operating needs, operating conditions, and customers using high-frequency high-frequency machines at this stage One-sided pursuit of low prices and other factors, in the production of high-frequency machines, especially considering the protection of high-frequency radiation energy, do not do enough. Under normal circumstances, we need to use high-end brands for the main components of the high-frequency heat sealing machine, such as Japanese Fuji contactors, ceramic tubes, metal tubes, Taiwan "CKC" relays, time system, Japan "OMRON" micro switch, the United States PL5557 fire protection device, etc., and through other high-frequency machine technology to effectively reduce the radiant energy of high-frequency heat sealing machine to ensure that it is within the safe range that the human body can bear.

B. Customers and friends must carefully choose when purchasing high-frequency high-frequency heat sealing machines, including the effect of product output, the overall operating state of high-frequency machines, operating efficiency, and even the comprehensive technical strength and operating mechanism of high-frequency machine manufacturers. To investigate whether the high frequency heat sealing machine of the high frequency manufacturer has reached a certain level of high frequency machine manufacturing technology.

Effect of high-frequency machine radiation on human/personal safety


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