Working principle of high frequency machine heating

Working principle of high frequency machine heating:
In the hot processing of metal materials, the high-frequency machine is currently the highest heating efficiency, the fastest, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly equipment, so it is widely used, according to the actual use of the high-frequency machine can be divided into high-frequency hot forging machine , High-frequency heat sealing machine, high-frequency welding machine, high-frequency fusing machine, high-frequency heat treatment machine, high-frequency welding machine, high-frequency annealing stretching machine, high-frequency annealing curling machine, etc. In fact, high-frequency machine is also widely used for Processing of plastic materials.
The working principle of the high-frequency machine: the effect of high-frequency electric field on the plastic material in its electric field causes it to undergo molecular polarization, and these polarized molecules are forcibly displayed according to the electric field bias. The rapid transformation of the high-frequency electric field makes these molecules follow the transformation at the same extremely fast speed. Then the dielectric material generates a lot of heat due to dielectric loss. These heat buildups and barriers will constitute a very high temperature, which will eventually melt it. Using this feature, you can either complete high-frequency embossing or high-frequency molding, or you can fuse and bond together two or more pieces of plastic.
High frequency plastic heat sealing machine is mainly used for processing plastic materials. The application of a high-frequency electric field causes local particles in the plastic to oscillate, and then generates heat to complete the heating of various plastic products. Therefore, if we put plastics such as polyvinyl chloride between the electrodes and apply the necessary pressure, then after melting and cooling for a while, they must be able to be formed and fixed.
High frequency induction heater is mainly used for processing metal materials. The application of electromagnetic induction principles, eddy current scenes, current thermal effects and high-frequency fluctuation effects, etc., causes the metal materials in its high-frequency electromagnetic field to change when heated.

Working principle of high frequency machine heating


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