How to choose a high frequency machine

High-frequency machine selection errors
1. Only look at the type, not the power
For example, the single-phase input current 120A~I input power 120KVA of the equipment is lumped together, collectively referred to as 120 machines, so that the real power is only 80KVA after buying back, obviously taking advantage of it, but actually losing money in secret.
2. Only look at power, not frequency
In the case of standard parts, fasteners and other diathermy, when the diameter of the heated workpiece is greater than Φ60mm, you should choose the intermediate frequency equipment. At this time, the use of high frequency machine will cause the workpiece to "burn" and "black heart" inside (commonly known as " "Unburnt"), which not only greatly reduces the efficiency of the equipment, but also reduces the life of the mold and even causes damage to the mold. The cost is invisibly increased, but the reason is unknown.

Use method of high frequency machine heating:
1. Strictly follow the correct boot method: install the appropriate sensor first, pass water first, and then power on.
2. After the power is turned on, press the panel indicator switch, and wait for the panel indicator to light; the AC contactor can heat the workpiece when it is attracted.
3. When the work is over, be sure to turn off the electricity first and then turn off the water.
The use of high frequency machine heating equipment:
1. Welding of various cemented carbide tools, drill tools and diamond drill bits;
2. Surface quenching of various mechanical parts such as discs, shafts, machine tool guides, etc.;
3. Diathermy forging of various round bars and bars;
4. On-line annealing of various wires.

How to choose a high frequency machine


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