What is half-blister packaging? What should be paid attention to in half-blister packaging?

The half-blister packaging is all about double-blister packaging, which refers to the packaging of the paper card and the product with two blisters, but the product is partially exposed outside the blister. It is suitable for particularly long packaging. The product. It is characterized by the need to manually cut the exposed parts of the bubble shell with scissors, and then use the high frequency machine to seal the double bubble shell. The efficiency is low, the packaging cost is high, but the visual effect is good, and it can meet the needs of users in supermarkets. When it comes to commodities, directly touch the demand of products.
Issues that should be noted:
1. Dirty products are not easy to use this type of packaging;
2. Pay attention to the neat edges when cutting holes in the bubble shell;
3. The blister must use PVC or PETG hard film.


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