Application range of high frequency in various fields

High frequency is also called high frequency. The principle is to use electromagnetic waves with a high-frequency emission frequency greater than 100Khz to instantaneously heat or polarize between materials to achieve the purpose of plastic welding.
High frequency is divided into two types. One is metal induction heating, which uses high frequency to quickly heat metal. It is generally used in metal heating, rivet implantation, and is an ideal equipment for quenching, diathermy, annealing, and welding.
Its welding field: diamond saw blade, turning tool, saw blade welding. Glasses accessories and other heating and welding places can heat various metal components and metal composite components. Replace the induction ring according to the shape of the workpiece.
The other is plastic, which contains PVC materials for welding. It is mostly used in the packaging industry and has a wide range of applications. Welding of large or irregular plastic parts is suitable for welding plastic and paper-plastic welding, such as double-sided plastic packaging, plastic paper Card packaging, soft plastic molding and processing operations. All kinds of PVC-based plastic welding, welding, bronzing, etc. Blister packaging (including upper and lower double blister heat sealing and trimming, blister and cardboard heat sealing and trimming, etc.), automotive interior parts, seat cushions, trademarks, stationery, stickers, plastic covers, air blowing toys, footwear, Yufan, Umbrellas, raincoats, leather bags, famous brands, water beds, sun visors, door panels, all kinds of packaging bags, portable soft bags, etc. heat sealing processing, various concave and convex switch patterns, letters and text suppression. It can also carry out bronzing processing with a simple device.
Due to the continuous development of the packaging industry, in order to respond to different packaging needs, high frequency machines have developed into different operating modes and models.
Mainly single-head type, push-plate type, turntable type, semi-automatic continuous type, and more fully automatic blister packaging machine with blister forming, cutting, packaging, welding, sealing. Greatly improve the packaging efficiency.

Application range of high frequency in various fields


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