Precautions for high frequency (high frequency machine)

1. Hongyouxing Machinery must be equipped with a good ground terminal (connect the correct ground wire)
2. The machine is extremely sensitive to moisture and dust, so it needs to be placed in a suitable working space.
3. The vacuum tube of the machine will generate high heat, so it cannot be placed next to the machine that generates high heat, nor can it be installed in the place where the solar energy is directly irradiated. The above-mentioned reasons will affect the heat dissipation function of the vacuum tube.
4. If the machine is shut down for more than one hour, it needs to wait 10-15 minutes when it is turned on again, so that the vacuum tube can be preheated and protect the service life of the vacuum tube.
5. The upper and lower extremes (upper and lower molds) of the machine should not directly touch each other, and there must be insulation and working parts between them.
6. When operating, when the high frequency output, remember not to touch the upper pole output (ie upper mold), nor can you use a multimeter, test meter or other low-frequency, low-voltage instruments, try to directly measure the upper pole output, this will Cause an accident.
7. Regularly check the insulation of the lower end (lower mold). If there is any damaged, burned, or punctured place, you need to replace the insulation immediately, otherwise, if you continue to work, sparks will be generated and the process cannot be completed.
8. If the spark phenomenon occurs frequently (when the upper and lower dies touch together, when the high-cycle output) and the maintenance is not checked, it will cause damage to the parts in the machine and affect the work.
9. Work products used to make finished products should be free of moisture and dust as much as possible, because the above objects can easily cause sparks.
10. After the power is turned on, the fan will hear the sound of the fan rotating (4KW, 5KW is relatively small). This is for vacuum tube heat dissipation. If the fan fails, it must be repaired immediately, otherwise the vacuum tube will be damaged.

Precautions for high frequency (high frequency machine)


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