Thermoforming Manufacturing-Plastic cup vs Paper cup | Who will dominate the beverage market?

Thermoforming Manufacturing-Plastic cup vs Paper cup

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Now all kinds of drinks are popular, careful customers will find that different businesses have different choices for beverage packaging, all kinds of different types of products, but not outside the material is paper cup or plastic cup.

Some people think: the plastic cup is more transparent, it can help to see the color of the drink, the amount of turbidity, the amount of the auxiliary material, to drink more peace and reassurance. There are also some Suggestions that plastic cups look cheaper, feel less tactile, and paper cups are safer, and plastic cups cannot be guaranteed to produce harmful substances in high temperatures.

The appearance of the beverage package is a matter of opinion. But for the safety and health problems, whether it is the drink itself or its packaging, it is the consumer's most concern. Which is safer for a disposable plastic cup or paper cup used in the beverage market? This article will make a simple analysis.

Usually a disposable paper cup is made up of the following parts: paper, printing ink, industrial paraffin, and drenching paper.

Many paper cups on the market do not use food grade wood pulp paper. If paper is not good (recycled waste paper), then use bleaching powder and fluorescent brightening agent, ordinary consumer can not distinguish at all. In addition, ink is likely to contaminate the inner wall of the paper cup after the printed paper cup is folded. And in order to make paper cup waterproof function, usually need to go through paraffin soak. Wax contains a harmful substance called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The polyethylene plastic film in the film. Now many paper cups use drenching film instead of paraffin wax. But without paraffin, the outer wall of the cup may become moldy after the tide, causing pollution.

Plastic cups are a lot easier than making paper cups. Nowadays, the commonly used plastic cup materials have PET, PP, PS and so on. Shanghai yiyou mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD., a fully automatic cup and bowl machine, can produce cup and cup products of PP, PE, PET, HIPS, GPPS, etc., which are of high efficiency and good quality. The water cup made of PET is common in making coffee cup, which is more transparent and suitable for cold drinks. The plastic cup used in chain stores such as starbucks is the PET material. PP resistant to high temperature, microwave heating, can serve water, at normal temperature can be used for a long time. PS is not high temperature, so it is commonly used in cold beverage packaging. In the production process, plastic cup is more sanitary than paper cup. Because the production of plastic cup is simple, when the heat is formed to cool down, immediately packaging. The paper cup has printing, cutting paper, membrane, winding, winding and other procedures, very complicated. The more complex the process, the more likely the packaging is to be contaminated, and the plastic cup is more dominant in this area.

From this perspective, plastic cups and paper cups, which are disposable packaging, are relatively safer and may be more affordable, so they are heavily used in the beverage industry.

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