European plastic thermoforming plastic packaging market

Plastic is one of the four major materials in the packaging industry. Its good ductility, plasticity, and lightness provide a wide range of imagination and scope for packaging design.


》》 "Happy" and "Worry" in German Plastic Packaging Industry

The German Plastic Packaging Industry Association (Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen) recently stated that a series of survey and research data show that in the past two years, the German plastic packaging industry has been rejuvenated and the industry is optimistic. 70% of the association staff believe that the economic environment is good.

However, there are also many hidden dangers in the industry. Some respondents stated that Germany's plastic packaging industry has a tight profit, a high electricity cost issue, and an expected increase in raw material prices, which exceeds 28% of taxation and skills shortages (space and digital crowding). Out of facilities), causing trouble for German plastic packaging companies; plus fierce competition in the international market, such as US corporate tax cuts and China's industrial manufacturing power exports.

》》 Poland's plastic packaging industry benefits "funded"

Poland is a magical market, where the plastic packaging industry is particularly strong. According to survey results, Poland has used its own market demand and has also increased its export and investment. Local merchants profit from direct investment in the high-end food owners of many countries and reduce their own production costs.

""" Eastern Europe plastic packaging market "potential shares"

With the growth of population and economy in Eastern Europe, the local plastic packaging market has developed rapidly, and people’s demand for plastic packaging has increased. Although the current consumption is still far lower than in Western Europe, its upward momentum and potential growth have brought a lot of attention to plastic wrappers. In the future, as the economic level in Eastern Europe continues to increase, the use and consumption of plastic packaging products in the region will continue to rise, especially in the fields of health care and cosmetics.

》》 Circular Economy Improves Plastic Packaging Waste Chain

Plastic blister packaging plays an important role in product protection, but the waste it generates cannot be ignored. The EU produces 50 kilograms of plastic waste per year, exceeding 25.8 million tons, and its recycling rate is less than 30%. In order to create a more environmentally friendly recycling economy, the Center for Packaging and Logistics Research and Innovation (ITENE) led the 20 European partners in the opening of the PlastiCircle project, striving to reshape the plastic packaging processing process, allowing them to recycle used plastics to local people and professionals. It can be made more convenient, cost-effective, and more profitable.

The project will reconsider the different phases involved in converting waste into valuable products: from the development of smart containers to the collection of different wastes, to improved transportation routes and classification technologies.

》》 Summary

Plastic packaging is one of the largest industries in the field of plastic thermoforming applications. Its development scale and speed are growing and the development prospects are promising. As an important economic market in the global market, Europe plays an important role in the development of the industry. In the next few years, it is believed that the European plastic packaging market will continue to take the lead in the global packaging market and provide an important impetus for industrial development.

Post time: May-24-2018
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