HW-560 Semi-automatic single station blister sample delivery machine



Suitable material

PP, PE, PVC, PS, PET, ABS, HIPS(biodegraded material) etc.

Suitable sheet’s width&thickness

420-660mm / 0.2-2.0mm

Max forming area


Max forming depth




Power supply/Total power

380V/220V, 50HZ / 10-15KW



Overall dimension



Electric stove is made of stainless steel, avoid making similar models with a sizzling creates iron oxide in the material production scrap, built-in insulation, reduce heating,loss and save energy.

1, The vibration drawing of patterns, may adjust willfully during 0-9 next bests, two top dies when the drawing of patterns protects the formation product not to distort the crack, the best machine for the brittle and difficult mold unloading products.

2, Uses Japan servo meter to pull the piece, may produce thickness is 0.1-2.5 sheet material, the horsepower formidable, and pulls the piece length precisely to 100%, easy operation

3, Double chain drive, high speed stability was still guaranteed, with a width of the adjustable device, make good use of film, to reduce wasting.

4, Built-in secondary vacuum, make more difficult product formed easily, reduce scrap, improve product quality    

5, Equipped with plastic product quantity setting device, suitable for bulk products or counter.

Main feature:

Reasonable mechanical design, fine workmanship, simple structure, convenient operation, stable performance, convenient for the small batch customer to produce the goods and deliver samples.

Semi-automatic or manual operation, suitable for the different proficiency worker operation.

Pioneered in infrared heating ceramic tile and solid heater for uniform heating, convenient for difficult samples proofing and after printed blister products forming.

Single station or double stations selection

HW-560 Semi-automatic single station blister sample delivery machineHW-560 Semi-automatic single station blister sample delivery machine



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