HW-1300 HDPE plastic turnover tray thick film blister machine


Model No



Suitable material


Sheet thickness


Max. forming area



Max. forming height



Vacuum Pump Capacity

100 m³/min


carbon fiber medium wave heating tube

Air Pressure


Production Speed


Safety protection equipment

infrared ray

Power Supply


Double Oven


Material Loading


Material unloading


Main Features

This machine consist of Frame, Vacuum forming devices, Heating Devices, Pneumatic Control System, Electric Control system etc.

Machine frame

The machine frame of this machine adopts steel structure welding or split connection for forming, heating and installation of auxiliary equipment. The overall steel structure has sufficient strength and rigidity.

Vacuum Forming Devices

Moulds Platform: Welded by H steel and steel plate, the moulds platform was driven by hydraulic control system. In order to keeping balance, the double hydraulic cylinder will move synchronously, thus could prolong the service life. If the dimensions of the moulds changes, new platform should be made accordingly.

Pressing Frame: The pressing frame was driven by pneumatic cylinder and must has enough intensity and stiffness. When the moulds sizes changes, there is no need to make new frames and just adjust the frame in horizontal or vertical orientation.

Upper moulds (force plug): according to customer’s request,and can be assembled with electric adjusting device for precise adjusting.

Cooling System: To be equipped with Cooling Blower. The direction of air outlet could be adjusted, there are 6 Sprayers, could be used for forming control or the cooling of the products.

Protection System: With button position and manual locking, if the Safe door was not closed well or being opened, other operations could not be operated.

Heating Devices

Adopt Double side heating, made up of carbon fiber medium wave heating tube, tube carriage and porcelain connector. With the character of instant heating and energy saving, the energy consumption is about 60% of similar machines in the market. If being used intermittently, the energy consumption even Low.

Heater wire adopted HTW, heating tube connected with SS support by porcelain connector, easy for changing tube.

Temperature control adopt Temperature Control Module, Display and control more accurate,and will not be affected by Voltage fluctuate.

Heating control:Every three heating tube (gap 60 mm, Length 300mm) belongs to a separate temperature control unit, and can be adjusted on the PLC for percentage of power, so that meeting the best heating result for the sheet and other production requirements.

The machine has the function of button operation and technical data setting and modification, easy for operation and maintenance.

Pneumatic Control System

Composed of Pressure gauge, all pipes, normal valves and Proportional pressure valves.

Air filtering device was equipped at the inlet of air line.

Air pipes choose high pressure types except for regulated places, beautiful layout.

Vacuum System

Consist of Vacuum pipe line, vacuum pump, chamber, storage tank and vacuum angle seat valve etc.

German vacuum pump with low noise, has the function of auto-cutoff when the pressure exceed limit.

The evacuation process can be fast and slow, convenient to adjust the forming procedures and can guarantee the reliability of the production.

Safety Measures

System have many protection measures, any possible confliction will trigger protection function.

Main control system adopt PLC, Touch Screen realize human interface.

The machine has Manual/Auto operation mode, and can be realized on Touch Screen. When the sheet being put on right place and the operator press Auto, the machine will finish vacuum forming automatically; Manual operation usually being done when changing the moulds or for sample making.

Optional system device

Servo motor driving system (optional): servo-motor driving system (for upper and down mould system) is more stable and accurate in thick sheet thermoforming for precision products.

Adjustable window plate (optional): window size can be adjustable by PLC, and this is very convenient to change new mold. Made of aluminum with cooling system. (Most suitable for the manufacturer whom will produce several different moulds)

HW-1300 HDPE plastic turnover tray thick film blister machineHW-1300 HDPE plastic turnover tray thick film blister machine



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