Application of Servo System in Plastic Cup Making Machine

The automatic (biodegradable) plastic cup making machine is a high-efficiency and fully automatic plastic thermoforming equipment developed based on plastic thermoforming technology. It is completed by feeding-heating-stretching-forming-trimming at one time. The machine is suitable for the production of PP, PE, PET, PS, HIPS and other plastic sheet products. By changing the mold, the plastic sheet is heated to a certain temperature and positively pressed to form various thin-walled containers such as cups, boxes, bowls, etc. Milk cups, jelly cups, ice cream cups, disposable drinking cups, beverage cups, instant noodle bowls, fast food boxes, food boxes and other high-end container products. The finished products produced have a wide range of uses.

2. Equipment composition of plastic cup making machine
Plastic cup making machine equipment can be divided into German Siemens PLC, man-machine interface, servo system and external temperature control module. PLC is equipped with a man-machine interface, users can set process parameters in the man-machine interface according to different products, and it is convenient and easy to operate to change the mold. The function keys on the operation interface are marked with text on the screen for their purpose at the time. The debugger only needs to use the operation interface and follow the text prompts on the screen to complete the operation of the entire machine, adjustment of operating parameters and manual operation. Operating machinery and other tasks. The servo system receives the pulse commands of the PLC to complete precise position control, and is equipped with the PLC to complete the lifting operation and the film feeding function of the host computer with a man-machine interface. The temperature heating is controlled by a PID digital display instrument, and the quality of the product is well guaranteed by real-time control of the temperature required by the different products to be processed.

4. Yiyou servo parameter setting
Set the servo control mode, gear ratio and other parameters, and then perform the reciprocating motion test. If the positioning and speed accuracy meet the requirements, the debugging is completed; if the requirements are not met, increase the speed loop gain. At this time, if the motor stops when the time is over Rush or jitter, or the motor has a noise, then it means that the loop control parameters are adjusted too strong, and then appropriately reduce the proportion or increase the integral time constant until the position and speed accuracy meet the requirements, then the position loop and speed loop The proportional and integral time constant values of are appropriate values.


Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



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