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Environmentally friendly packaging and clothing: from PET to R-PET to Bio-PET

PET upgraded version-R-PET

The advantages of traditional PET have long been known to food and beverage manufacturers. PET is light, shatter-resistant, uses high-efficiency and energy-saving production methods, is easy to transport, and has excellent chemical resistance to maintain product integrity. In addition, it also helps to reduce the weight of the main packaging and directly affects the carbon dioxide emissions of all links. Most importantly, in this era of environmental protection, it is completely recyclable. Nowadays, PET packaging bottles are recycled and can be easily processed into a variety of household goods-for example, new bottles, vacuum cleaners and clothing. Recyclable PET (commonly known as R-PET) can maintain the same lightweight strength and durability as PET, but the energy consumption in the production process is only two-thirds of that of virgin PET.

Renewable Bio-PET
However, the exploration of industry colleagues has never stopped, and they continue to use R-PET to improve the environmental protection characteristics of PET. The emergence of new technologies will help companies use organic agricultural by-products or agricultural waste to make PET bottles. As we all know, Bio-PET can reduce the dependence on fossil fuel oil in the production process and can be completely recycled. MEG is the first material extracted from renewable resources that can be used as the main component of PET. MEG can be extracted from cane molasses, and 30% of PET components are MEG.
Environmentally friendly packaging and clothing: from PET to R-PET to Bio-PET


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