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Don't forget your original intention and forge ahead

Caring for the elderly is a traditional virtue of our Chinese nation, and it is also the bounden responsibility and obligation of contemporary young people and entrepreneurs. However, in today's life, we can't care for the elderly in every detail. With the development of society, the degree of aging is more and more serious, and the situation of young people going out to school or work is more and more, which leads to more and more elderly people have to go to nursing homes. No matter in spirit or in daily life, we can not take care of the safety of the elderly at any time. Even so, most of the elderly still live in the nursing home today. Although the nursing home is more secure for the health and diet of the elderly, it is still a little lonely without the company of family and friends. Today, I would like to express my sympathy to the Baihe nursing home with Amy, the head of Shanghai Yiyou electromechanical company.

As a local enterprise in Baihe Town, Shanghai Yiyou mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. has the ability and obligation to care for the physical and mental health of the elderly. In the morning, the representative of the company has come to the home for the aged, cutting cakes with the old people on their birthdays, having dinner with other old people, and having a friendly conversation with all of you They are full of warm and lively air, and the old people's faces also show a smile that has not appeared for a long time. Although it is only half a day, the care left for the elderly is indeed permanent. Finally, we took a group photo to remember the warmth in the bottom of my heart.



Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



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HW-850 Automatic Positive and Negative Pressure Three-Station

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