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Full automatic positive and negative pressure suction molding machine

Shanghai Yiyou's automatic positive and negative pressure suction molding machine has very convenient utilization in material, which brings high use feeling and application intensity. Attached to the appearance of various shapes of products. Blister is divided into sheet Blister and thick blister according to sheet thickness. The common products on the market include: Blister packaging of daily necessities, blister packaging of hardware, thick blister. Rare products are: inner shell of household appliances, luggage cases and bags, display rack accessories, thick Blister molding machine, vacuum Blister molding machine, Blister molding machine decoration, automobile interior, safety bar, mudguard, beauty devices, lamp box shell, toy car shell, industrial panel.

Blister packaging of advertising light box, blister logo bathroom products, refrigerator liner and other automotive products, electronic products Blister packaging, food blister packaging, cosmetics blister packaging, computer peripheral equipment blister packaging, toy blister packaging, sporting goods blister packaging, stationery blister packaging, etc. The main structure of the machine is composed of feeding, pulling, upper and lower electric heating furnace, lower brake, multi-functional adjustable scale, lower die plate, upper mold, upper brake, knife brake, slicing, film release and vacuum equipment, etc.; with pneumatic equipment as the main power source, the automatic control system is composed of electric, retarder, time relay, central relay, travel switch and other electrical appliances 。

Full automatic positive and negative pressure suction molding machine


Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



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