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The difference between automatic blister machine and semi-automatic blister machine

At present, there are many types of blister machines on the market, such as fully automatic blister machines, fully automatic positive and negative pressure blister machines, thick sheet blister machines, and semi-automatic blister machines. what differences are there? Is it a literal difference or an essential difference? If you don’t know, let’s take a look at Yiyou Electromechanical to see what the difference is.
Full-automatic blister cutting machine is a three-station blister machine, also known as a full-automatic cutting machine. All steps of the automatic blister machine are mechanically operated automatically, and the efficiency and quality will be much better.

The working speed of Yiyou automatic positive and negative pressure multi-station blister machine can reach 15-20 molds per minute, and the molding is good and the speed is fast. It has the functions of forming-cutting-stacking, which greatly improves production efficiency.
However, most domestic semi-automatic blister machines use manual feeding, manual unloading and manual cutting, and the efficiency will be much slower.
The working speed of Yiyou high-speed blister machine can reach 3-8 molds/minute, and it is electric feeding, reducing labor cost and time.


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