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Thick blister that can be seen everywhere in life

Thick sheet blister is a kind of production technology commonly used in modern life, and it is also called thick sheet blister. It refers to the process that the thickness of the processed plastic sheet exceeds 2mm, and it needs to be processed by a special thick sheet blister forming machine.

Thick sheet blister material: various colors of ABS, PETG, PVC, PC, PP, PE, PS and various modified plastic light boards such as light boards, transparent boards, etc.
Thick blister products are produced in large quantities by equipment, so the whole process from raw materials to finished products adopts automatic operation, and the quality is stable.
Advantages of thick sheet blister: ①Thick sheet blister processing has engineering economy. ②Thick sheet blister processing technology has a wide range of materials available. ③Angle material recycling
Disadvantages of thick blister: ①only blister on one side ②higher cost
Thick blister products are mainly used in: electrical enclosures, car body sheaths, pet trays, advertising light boxes, automotive interior and exterior decoration, transportation, building materials, packaging, medical equipment, household appliances, cultural and educational sanitary ware, sporting goods, medical equipment, Food equipment, instrument housing, lighting, refrigerator industry, air-conditioning industry and household appliances accessories and other fields of people's daily life.


Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



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