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Hot product introduction — Full-automatic Positive and Negative Three&Four Stations Thermoforming Machine

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Hot flagship product, never let go Automatic positive and negative pressure three station suction machine series
Main features:The electrothermal furnace’ s temperature control system adopts full computerize intelligent automatic compensation controlling, individual partition adopts digital input, has a high precision fine-tuning, temperature uniformity, fast temperature elevation(only 3 minutes from 0-400 degrees), stability (not influenced by external voltage, temperature fluctuation is less than 1 degree). Low energy consumption (energy saving about 15%), electrothermal furnace service life is long, etc.Integrate forming, cutting, stacking and countingAt present the most advanced CAM structure (equipped with SKF bearings)Movable electric furnace (all around moving), suitable for the smaller products.
Leftover material automatic recycle.

The width of feeding caterpillar track can be adjust individual or controlled by motor.
Electric furnace is removable from the device automatically;
Automatic feeding devices, save labor intensity.

Stereoscopic display
Commonly used material such as PVC、PET、APET、PETG、PP、PE、PS、EPS、EPOS、Starch biodegradable materials,  Photoelectric biodegradable materials, Flocking material etc. Widely used in food, hardware, electronics, stationery, medical supplies, daily necessities, cosmetics, handicrafts, toys, and other industry products of mass production.
Main Technical Parameters:
Model      :     HW-640Suitable Material     :P P,PS.PVC,PET,biodegradable materials etcSuitable sheet’s thickness     :    0.2-2.0mmForming Area     :      580-640mm
Forming Depth    :        120mm
Total Power       :        About 110kw
Production Speed       :     10 – 25 times/min
Weight         :           16tons


Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



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