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Yiyou’s self introduction

Shanghai Yiyou Electrical is a set of research and development, production and sales of thermal molding equipment in one of the professional enterprises.Yiyou’s self introductionThe company has always adhere to the quality management and brand strategy, the first to register the “Hengwei Seiki” trademark. 

Yiyou’s self introduction

Positioning It is located in the high-tech industrial park of Shanghai Qingpu High-tech Industrial Park, which is only 15 minutes drive from Hongqiao Airport. The company has advanced technology, perfect management system and excellent quality products and services to our customers.Company FactsYiyou’s self introductionYiyou’s self introductionYiyou’s self introductionCompanies with advanced technology, improve the management system, better quality products and services for the development of the company laid a solid foundation. In the “quality of survival, to serve and development” “make first-class machines, trees century brand! Yiyou’s self introduction

Yiyou so much! do you know


Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



HW-750 PLA degradable cup lid bowl machine (YASKAWA Yaskawa s

HW-1300 HDPE plastic turnover tray thick film blister machine

HW-1000 small layout automatic PP lunch box vacuum thermoform

HW-1220 new Siemens PLC computer controlled automatic vacuum

HW-520 automatic positive and negative pressure thermoforming

HW-850 Automatic Positive and Negative Pressure Four-Station

HW-850 Automatic Positive and Negative Pressure Three-Station

Product Consultation

We provide one-stop service of design, materials, molds, machines, and after-sales.