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Thermoforming machine products — Whether the plastic lunch box can be heated in a microwave oven

Thermoforming machine products — Whether the plastic lunch box can be heated in a microwave oven

Heat the plastic lunch box to release the plasticizer

Plasticizer can enhance the flexibility of plastic, making it easier to process, plastic, industrial has been widely used. Each plastic has its heat-resistant limit, food use materials, the most heat-resistant polypropylene (PP) can withstand 140 ℃, followed by polyethylene (PE) can heat 110 ℃, and polystyrene ( PS) can only heat to 90 ℃. Currently commercially available microwave oven special plastic lunch boxes, mainly made of PP or PE made, such as the temperature exceeds their heat limit, plasticizer has the possibility of release, it should avoid long-term use of high temperature heating plastic lunch box hot food.
What are the hazards of plasticizers to the human body? According to the survey found that plasticizers will interfere with the human endocrine system, the human body, especially the male reproductive system have an impact. Animal studies have shown that long-term large intake of plasticizers may damage the liver, kidneys and affect developmental growth.

Plastic tableware is uneven and needs to be replaced

Plastic products are also shelf-life, after the expiration of the plastic will be aging, discoloration, brittle situation, such as the use of plastic box found yellow or no longer transparent, should be replaced as soon as possible. So, some people online, said, “plastic lunch boxes use a long time, the internal will be uneven, that part of the bad enough to be eaten into the stomach.” Do not believe it ~ so, consumers must pay attention to plastic products Of the shelf life. At the same time, the aging of the plastic or may release harmful substances. As for a plastic lunch box “life” can be how long to look at personal use and cleaning methods, most of the plastic products shelf life is generally about three to five years, if used frequently, one to two years to replace better.
Need to be vigilant is that we are now in many large shopping malls inside or inside the supermarket, we have seen a lot of microwave oven dedicated heating box, like this kind of lunch box, it is more than the plastic lunch box into Microwave oven inside the heating to be safe, but now there is such a situation, that is now there are a lot of goods it is written for the microwave oven logo, but it is also the existence of counterfeit goods, so when we buy Be careful to see the product’s trademark and production address.


Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



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