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VINNEX ® 2525 improves the processability of high transparency PLA films

Polylactic acid (PLA) is the most important biopolymer for the production of bio-based / biodegradable transparent films. Polylactic acid is not only highly transparent and charming gloss, but also biodegradable under industrial composting conditions. However, the current mechanical properties and processing properties of PLA films still hinder the widespread use of thermoplastics. With VINNEX ® 2525, a new modifier that greatly improves the processability of PLA in transparencies applications can be used to replace traditional plastics.

VINNEX ® 2525 improves processability

As the traditional PLA melt strength is relatively low, so in the blown film extrusion, casting film extrusion and thermoforming processing is easy to cause problems. Adding VINNEX ® 2525 to PLA improves melt strength and creates stable bubbles during blown film extrusion. VINNEX ® 2525 also relieves the shrinkage of the cast film during extrusion and increases the tensile factor during thermoforming.

In addition, VINNEX ® 2525 also reduces processing temperatures by about 10 ° C compared to standard PLA.

VINNEX ® 2525 improves the processability of high transparency PLA films

Tg = glass transition temperature
* The melt index measured at 150 ° C / 21.6 kg / 2 mm
** According to the German Federal Risk Assessment (BfR) and the US Food and Drug Administration
(§175.105, §175.300, §176.170 and §176.180), VINNEX ® 2525 is ideal for food contact applications.

PLA / VINNEX ® 2525 mixture improves melt strength
PLA / VINNEX ® 2525 Mixture of melt strength

PLA / VINNEX ® 2525 mixture can form very stable bubbles

VINNEX ® 2525 improves the processability of high transparency PLA films

Improve the heat sealability of the PLA / VINNEX ® 2525 mixture

VINNEX ® 2525 improves the processability of high transparency PLA films

The PLA film and the PLA / VINNEX ® 2525 mixture were heat-sealed at a temperature of 100 ° C and a pressure of 1.5 bar for 1 second, and the heat seal adhesion strength was determined.

VINNEX ® 2525 improves the sealing of PLA films

Conventional PLA film sealing is poor, so the heat sealing adhesive strength is low. The addition of VINNEX ® 2525 to PLA films improves the sealing of many surface heat seals and ultrasonic seals.

VINNEX ® 2525 maintains PLA’s high transparency

PLA film has a great advantage (especially in packaging film applications) that is highly transparent and charming gloss. PLA / VINNEX ® 2525 mixture maintains high transparency and gloss of PLA.

VINNEX ® 2525 maintains PLA permeability

As a functional packaging film for fresh fruits, vegetables and bread, PLA films have a unique permeability to carbon dioxide (CO 2), oxygen (O 2) and water vapor, which makes it favored. PLA / VINNEX ® 2525 mixture greatly improved the mechanical properties, while the permeability is basically unchanged.

VINNEX ® 2525 improves the processability of high transparency PLA films

VINNEX ® maintains biodegradability

Mixtures of numerous biopolymers using VINNEX ® resins have been tested by industrial composting (ISO 14855, EN13432). For each bioplastic compound, the biodegradability depends primarily on the respective formulation, depending on the particular situation. For more details, please visit
Test our technical services.

Advantages at a glance: VINNEX ® 2525 advantage

• Suitable for cast film and blown film extrusion
• Greater melt strength
• Increase the bubble stability of the blown film when extruded
• Relieves the necking phenomenon when the cast film is extruded
• Increase the tensile factor during thermoforming
• Improve the sealing performance of the film
• Keep PLA’s excellent shrinkage performance
• Keep high transparency and gloss
• Maintain gas permeability
• Maintain biodegradability
• Suitable for food contact applications


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