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Full description of the full range — Hot-forming packaging machine

1. thermoforming packaging machine overview

Will PP, PVC and other thermoplastic hard plastic sheet heat softening, with a vacuum blister or punch stamping and other methods to shape the plastic sheet to accommodate the material container, the cooling stereotypes, and then into the material. And then coated with a layer of aluminum foil or cellophane adhesive, composite materials such as heat sealing together, and finally cut to complete the packaging. Can achieve this series of work (some without cutting) packaging machine called thermoforming packaging machine.

This type of packaging machine was originally designed for packaging pills, capsules, injections and the like. Packaging into a bubble-like (so there is a bubble package called).

Full description of the full range — Hot-forming packaging machine

Blister packaging has been developed to any type of material can be packaged. Thermoformed containers are also not only small blister-like, but can be larger disc-shaped, cup-shaped, bowl-shaped, for packaging food, daily necessities, electrical components. This package has a light weight, good sealing, adaptability, transparent visible, packing without additional cushioning material, easy to sell and consumption advantages, the development of popular faster. In line with this, thermoforming packaging machines have developed rapidly in recent years.

Automatic thermoforming packaging machine process diagram

2. Thermoforming packaging machine types and applications

According to the structure of the layout, the shape of the package, the size of the different and the level of productivity, thermoforming packaging machine can be divided into a variety of models.

High – speed horizontal thermoforming packing machine

The plastic film is radiated by the heater 2 and is then molded into a bubble-like container on the vacuum drum and cooled during the movement. A few after the bottom of the hopper when the material filling, and then to the heat sealing roller and aluminum foil heat sealing. And then through the tension wheel, the bridge wheel movement to the blanking area for cutting, finished product output, the remaining material was rolled up to recover. The machine is hot but the blanking is carried out intermittently, so set the tension wheel, over molding, filling, heat sealing are carried out in continuous exercise, but the punching is intermittent, so set the tension wheel, too Bridge wheel as a buffer. This packaging machine working speed of up to 7m / min, packaging materials speed of 3000 tablets / min for a single variety of large packaging.

Horizontal Thermoforming Packaging Machine      Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Stepping large container thermoforming packing machine

Film Heating – Tensile Forming – Filling Material – Heat Seal (can be pumped or inflated and then sealed) – Punching – Output Products – Retract the packing material.

Stepping Thermoforming Packaging Machine    Thermoforming Packaging Machine    Packaging Machine Process

Vertical small thermoforming packing machine

Vertical small thermoforming packaging machine, belonging to this type of domestic LSB-1 and so on. This machine is the work of the machine: hot forming, filling, heat sealing a ~ a punch, the thermoforming, filling, heat sealing together. The forming roll is directly routed with the heat sealing roller, and a feed hopper is charged over the two rollers. So this packaging machine compact structure, small footprint, high production efficiency. This is also the characteristics of vertical packaging machine.

Vertical Thermoforming Packaging Machine     Small Packaging Machine     Thermoforming Packaging Machine     Packaging Machine Process

3. Thermoforming method

In the thermoforming packaging machine has a plastic film on the heating molding and cooling stereotypes, the choice of thermoforming method directly affects the packaging quality and productivity level. Thermoforming method according to the different forces when forming can be divided into the following:

Pneumatic forming method

Pneumatic molding method is the use of heating softening the two sides of the film pressure difference between the molding. It is divided into two kinds of vacuum blister and compressed air.

Die forming method

The die-forming method is to place the pre-heated softening film (or the mold itself is heated to the film) between the convex and female molds. The mold is molded with the mold closure and then cooled and shaped. This method is efficient, Large containers, such as plates, cups, etc.

4. Heat sealing method

For the heat sealing of polyvinyl chloride and aluminum foil using roller or plate two methods.

Aluminum foil coated with a layer of hot melt adhesive, heating temperature of 100 ~ 130 ℃. Excessive temperature will make the container deformation, and affect the packaging, too low can not make the adhesive fully melted, affecting the bonding strength.

In order to improve the bonding strength and beautify the appearance, in the heat sealing roll or heat sealing plate engraved on the mesh pattern or dot pattern.

5. Selection of packaging materials

The choice of plastic film has a direct impact on the quality of molding, so the plastic film to have a better molding performance, such as the molding temperature range to be large, good liquidity, shrinkage is small and so on. The materials that meet these requirements are polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinylidene chloride, and their composite products.

Covering materials in addition to aluminum foil, but also available plastic sheet, cellophane or composite cardboard and so on.

The requirements for the adhesive is non-toxic, tasteless, airtight, impermeable, low melting temperature, proper bonding strength. Commonly used polyurethane resin plus polyvinylidene chloride and so on.


Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



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