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Robot high – end intelligent equipment detonated plastic machinery industry

The efficient and efficient production mode of intelligent robots, effective collaboration and integration make the production resources have been rationally distributed and applied, optimize the production process, reduce the production cost, improve the product quality, promote the improvement of labor efficiency and production efficiency. , More energy conservation, the use of raw materials, for the sustainable development of additional power.

At present, the world has entered the “artificial intelligence + robot” integration stage, the development and combination of the two brings high-end intelligent robot this product, the background system unified operation, management makes the global manufacturing industry began to integration, intelligent, Efficient development, plastic machinery industry is inevitable.

International Robot Association (IFR) released data show that in 2009, 2013, plastic, rubber industry, the application of robot installation increased by 110%.
Robotics Industry Association released data show that in 2014, the rapid development of the North American robot market, plastics, rubber industry growth rate of up to 25%.
In March 2015 organized by the “NPE Expo”, the robot can be seen everywhere, and topped the plastic industry magazine cover. It can be seen, intelligent robots have been in the plastic machinery industry set off a storm.
By 2017, intelligent robots in the plastic machinery industry applications continue to improve.

Intelligent equipment into the plastic machinery production line.
Intelligent machine to help plastic machinery factory to achieve efficient manufacturing.
Intelligent machine boosts the sustainable development of plastic machinery industry.

The introduction of intelligent equipment into the plastic machinery industry, not only to achieve the efficient manufacturing enterprises, but also for the sustainable development of the press industry provides a strong guarantee. Its various advantages to promote people in the manufacturing, research and development process related to the machine to increase the intensity. There is no doubt that the plastic machinery industry in the direction of intelligent development is the trend of the times.


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