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This May Fourth Youth Day, how did you live?

Today is the May Fourth Youth Day, our company young partners have been in this youth festival, but not just our young little partners in the holidays, the whole company is the participants of this festival.

Because we are a vibrant company, our youth passionate, hard work. Each of us is taking this day seriously.

Young engineers are checking and maintaining fully automatic blistering machines. Young back, serious work.

This May Fourth Youth Day, how did you live?

Slightly mature sales manager is introducing the product to the customer. Meticulous, intentions to treat every customer.

There are so many young people, this is their youth festival, but they are in a positive, hard work to treat this holiday.


Tips on thermoforming

Tips on thermoforming



HW-750 PLA degradable cup lid bowl machine (YASKAWA Yaskawa s

HW-1300 HDPE plastic turnover tray thick film blister machine

HW-1000 small layout automatic PP lunch box vacuum thermoform

HW-1220 new Siemens PLC computer controlled automatic vacuum

HW-520 automatic positive and negative pressure thermoforming

HW-850 Automatic Positive and Negative Pressure Four-Station

HW-850 Automatic Positive and Negative Pressure Three-Station

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